All you need to know about the fade haircut:

In this course, Thaddeus will explain the fading process step by step

In these tutorials, Thaddeus makes sure you understand profoundly how to master your fading techniques. Gone will be any confusion as of how to excel the proper fade! 

Number 1 medium fade, high bald fade, skin taper on curly hair.

Plus, you can come back to watching his course ANYTIME. Let this be your new challenge!

What will you get in our brand new online course?

  • 3 fade haircuts described step by step

  • What tools are best to use for a fade

  • Number 1 medium fade step by step

  • High bald fade tutorial step-by-step

  • Skin taper step-by-step

  • Tips & tricks on seamless blending

  • Learn the unique GFR technique

  • Premium video content

  • Access anywhere, anytime

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We're happy to announce the arrival of our 3rd barber course! After Julius Cvesar and Alan Beak, we present Thaddeus in our newest course!
  • 14-day money back guarantee

    No risks - if you didn't watch more than 25% of the course, or pass the 14-days, we will give you all your money back.

  • Secure payment & privacy

    You don't have to worry, all is handled by PayPal and your investment will be secured. We got you covered. We don't share any information about you and all your data are safe with us 24/7.

  • 24/7 access

    You can watch the course whenever you like to, how many times you want and from anywhere with an internet connection!

About Thaddeus

Thaddeus is a very busy successful barber who travels the world to give amazing workshops. He did hair for Drake, Big Sean, J. Balvin, etc. Not only he creates first-class haircuts, he’s also a well-known designer and a fashion icon from Canada. We believe these are some good reasons to become his student.

Frequently asked questions

  • When will be the course available?

    The course is available online - therefore at any time and any place.

  • What about the 14-day money-back guarantee?

    If you haven't watched more than 25% of the course and you think it's not worth it, we will give you your money back. If you have seen more than that, we will individually work it out.

  • Is the course for complete beginners?

    Unfortunately no, not really. The minimum pre-requisite is to have basic barber knowledge. If you have never cut hair before, this course won't teach you how to cut them.

  • I have another question, where can I contact you?

    Alright, just e-mail us at and we'll get right back to you!

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