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A fresh fade can transform a man - or woman - with a new confident look. In this course, Thaddeus, a stylist for Drake, Big Sean and J. Balvin, will teach you the art and science of creating fades that’ll keep your clients coming back.

With Thaddeus’ course, you’ll gain a profound understanding of the art of fading. Thanks to his world-renowned skill, you’ll master the techniques of Number 1 medium fades, high bald fades, skin tapers on curly hair, and much more. Start your journey now.

Always wanted to learn the perfect fade? Start right now with Thaddeus. This in-depth course will teach you the secrets of making magic with your clippers. With his unique GFR method, Thaddeus will train you to become unstoppable.

‘A fresh fade can transform a man - or woman - with a new confident look.‘

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Fundamentals of Fading by Thaddeus

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