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Barbering Essentials

‘Just because you bought a pair of Jordans doesn't mean you're gonna play like Mike.‘

Julius' unique insights on technique, styling, and creating your persona will give you the confidence to push your career to the next level.

What you’ll learn

Fundamentals of Fading

‘A fresh fade can transform a man - or woman - with a new confident look.‘

With Thaddeus’ course, you’ll gain a profound understanding of the art of fading. Thanks to his world-renowned skill, you’ll master the techniques of Number 1 medium fades, high bald fades, skin tapers on curly hair, and much more. Start your journey now.

What you’ll learn

Substance vs Structure

‘Structure creates consistency, structure shows discipline.‘

With Alan’s course, you’ll push yourself to the standards of the world’s best barbers. Layering long hair? No problem. Seamless blending. It’s covered. Building your own business? We’ll show you the secrets. Alan has all the answers you need to know and more.

What you’ll learn

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“The course is awesome because it goes into every little detail. I highly recommend this for absolutely anyone in the industry. It provides me with new inspiration and a different approach on how to think of hair, every single day. My clients definitely noticed the new passion I had for hair and providing a better service. I’m incredibly thankful for Amos academy!”

“One thing I love the most about my job is the possibility to improve every day. With each cut and new information from experts such as Julius Cvesar, I continuously push my creativity and the standards I offer to my customers. If you are in this business for a long or short time, there is always a place for improvement. I am grateful that with Amos Academy I have the possibility to learn, always. Even when I’m taking lunch I can learn.”

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