General business terms and conditions

Introductory provisions
RAW Entertainment s.r.o., a company with its registered office at Rybná 716/24, Staré Město, 110 00 Prague 1, Company ID No.: 06039839, incorporated in the Companies Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 275046 (“Provider”), issues these General Business Terms and Conditions (“Conditions”) which provide for the conditions of use of services within the Amos Academy platform available at the website
Terms used in the text of these Conditions shall have the following meaning:
“Electronic System” shall mean the information system of the Provider available at the Website and used for the provision of the Services.
“Course” shall mean a set of audiovisual works used for information and educational purposes.
“Conditions of Personal Data Protection” shall mean a set of rules for treatment of personal data as contained at the Website in the section General Business Terms and Conditions.
“Contract” shall mean a contract for provision of Services concluded between the Provider and the User.
“Service” shall mean making the Course available to the User by the Provider via the Electronic System.
“Account” shall mean a user account of the User.
“User” shall mean the person to whom the Services have been made available by the Provider under the Contract.
“Technical Parameters” shall mean requirements for an access device for the use of the Services by the User, consisting in particular in the fact that the access device is a device with internet connection provided with a display, with the exception of electronic readers.
“Website” shall mean the website
Information provided before conclusion of the contract
The Provider shall inform the User that:
  • the costs of means of distance communication do not differ from the costs borne by the User and the Provider does not charge any other fees;
  • the Provider requires that the Price is paid before the Services are provided to the User;
  • the User, where he/she is a consumer, has no right to withdraw from the contract otherwise than according to the procedure specified in Article 9 hereof;
  • the contract, or the relevant certificate of ordering the Services, will be stored in the Provider’s electronic archive and sent to the User’s e-mail address;
  • provision of the Services requires that the access device of the User meets the Technical Parameters.
Scope of services
The Service is provided by the Provider via the Electronic System where the Provider publishes individual Courses for the viewing of which the User pays the agreed payment to the Provider.
The User shall ensure that the access device used by the User meets the Technical Parameters enabling access to the Services and, by entering into the Contract, he/she confirms that the device used by the User does meet the Technical Parameters, failing which the Provider is unable to guarantee accessibility of the Services.
The Provider shall make the Service ordered and paid for by the User available to the User in the agreed extent, only for User’s own needs and without any limitation as to the number of viewing of individual lessons of the Course. The User is not afforded the possibility to download the content of the Service. The Service contains only recommendations and by provision of the Service, the Provider does not provide expert advice and it does not guarantee and is not responsible for improvement of User’s qualifications or skills. The Service shall be available to the User at least for 12 months from the moment of ordering and paying for the Service.
User registration
Before using the Electronic System, Users shall register using their social network account or the registration form available at the Website by filling in true and correct information about themselves.
It is necessary to enter the correct e-mail address of the User to complete the registration with the Electronic System. Registration of the User is free. Upon registration of the User, an Account is created and the User becomes entitled to use the Electronic System upon entering his/her login details. The User shall not disclose his/her unique login password created upon registration to anyone. In the event of loss of the password, the password shall be renewed at the request of the User by sending a link for password renewal to User’s e-mail address. The User is entitled to register only under his/her own name and enter only his/her own details in the Account.
Conclusion of the contract
Within the Electronic System, the User shall select the Services in the provision of which he/she is interested; the specification and price of the Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Price”) are always given in the description of the Service. The Price is final, and it shall be paid in a lump sum. Upon placing and confirming a binding order for the Services via activation of the field “Check out with Stripe” or “Pay with PayPal”, the Contract is concluded between the Provider and the User; the Contract shall take effect upon fulfilment of a condition precedent consisting in payment of the Price by the User. Before confirming the order, the User is allowed to check and change the input data which he/she entered in the order. By confirming the field “Check out with Stripe” or “Pay with PayPal” and ticking off the field “I confirm that I agree with the General Business Terms and Conditions”, the buyer confirms that before entering into the Contract, he/she acquainted himself/herself with these Conditions, of which the information provided before conclusion of the Contract as referred to in Article 2 forms an essential part, and that he/she explicitly agrees with the Conditions in the version in force and effect at the moment of placing the order. The User shall be informed about the conclusion of the Contract by e-mail and, at the same time, he/she shall be sent instructions for access to the Electronic System.
The Provider shall make the Service available at the moment when it is paid the Price of the Service. Where the User fails to pay the Price no later than within 24 hours of the conclusion of the Contract, the Contract shall expire.
Payment Terms
Services delivered under the Contract shall be made available provided that the price specified in the Contract is paid, the price being based on the current offer within the Electronic System. The Price of the Services is specified in the Electronic System as a final price, including taxes and charges.
Payment for the Services may be made exclusively by cashless payment via Stripe or PayPal payment system in accordance with the instructions contained in the relevant payment gate to which the User will be redirected.
The Provider shall receive complaints at the e-mail address
Before the User pays the price for the Services, he/she shall check whether, given his/her technical equipment (hardware and software) and internet connection used, the lesson videos can be played. By paying the price of the Service, the User confirms that the demonstration video can be played without problems and accepts the same quality and way of playing for the Service itself. On this ground, the Provider is entitled to reject any later complaint of the User
Withdrawal from the contract, guaranteed refund
By entering into the Contract, the User explicitly accepts that the Provider makes the Service available to the User before expiration of the period for withdrawal from the contract and, on this ground, the User has no right to withdraw from the Contract within the meaning of Section 1837(a) Civil Code.
The User is entitled to withdraw from the Contract without giving any reason within 14 days from the date following the date of conclusion of the Contract provided that the User has not viewed more than 25% of the content of the Service. In order to exercise his/her right to withdraw from the Contract, the User shall inform the Provider about his/her withdrawal from the Contract (without being obliged to give any reason) by sending an-email to the following address:
In the case of withdrawal from the contract, the Provider shall return the payment received from the User, and it shall do so without undue delay, but no later than within 14 days from the date of receiving the notice of withdrawal from the Contract. The refund shall be carried out by cashless payment via Stripe or PayPal payment system.
Protection of intellectual property
The entire content of the Services is protected in accordance with the legislation on copyright and other intellectual property rights, the exclusive holder of those rights being the Provider or relevant licensors. By making the Service available to the User, the User acquires no right in respect of recording, displaying, reproducing and distributing images, pictures, video images and video and audio recordings concerning the content made available and the person(s) appearing in the digital content of the Services made available, or the name and surname of such a person, including their processing and inclusion in audiovisual works or for other marketing purposes. Any such use shall be possible only with the explicit consent of the Provider.
The User may not use the Electronic System or the content of the Services or their part otherwise than for his/her own needs, the purpose of the use not being the achievement of direct or indirect economic or business benefit. The User is not entitled to allow a third party to use the Services as a “User”. The User is in particular prohibited from using the Electronic System or the Courses or their part in the form of distribution or copying or further technical processing.
Protection of personal data
The way in which the Provider processes personal data of the User is described in the Conditions of Personal Data Protection. The User acknowledges that he/she is obliged to provide correct and true personal data and to inform the Provider about any change of his/her personal data without undue delay.
Final provisions
The Provider bears no responsibility for the correctness or completeness of the content of Courses given their inspirational and informative character and it is further not liable for any damage or non-material loss caused directly or indirectly by the use of the content of the Services.
The User is entitled to file a complaint with a supervisory authority or a government supervision authority. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority acts on consumer complaints in accordance with the procedures and under the conditions provided for in the applicable legislation.
The legal relationship established by the Contract shall be governed by the law of the Czech Republic. The Contract is concluded in English.
These Conditions come into force and effect on 1 June 2018.
RAW Entertainment s.r.o.